Why We Use Scaffolding Rather Than Ladders


You will have seen building work being undertaken on a set of ladders, from something small like painting to complete new roofs being installed. Here at EMR Group, we choose not to use ladders, but rather to opt for scaffolding.

Using Ladders

We understand that on many occasions a simple ladder is sufficient enough to complete many smaller jobs. They are also quick and easy to put up and get down at the end of the job. So from a glance, they do look like the best solution to reaching heights. However, you also need to consider the few downsides to using a ladder to work at height.
The higher up the ladder you are, the less stable. From swaying in the breeze to requiring someone at the foot of the ladder. While we do not recommend working on scaffolding alone, both individuals can be working together, whereas, with ladders, the work can take longer while one foots the ladder. It also means that heavier tools can be used where required without the issue of getting them up and down the high ladder.
When using ladders, you should never lean over from them. This means that you will regularly have to go down the ladder to reposition to begin work on the next section. A great thigh workout but not practical or time effective.

Using Scaffolding

There are a number of advantages to using scaffolding when undertaking a number of projects that involve working at height, not just when it comes to your roofing.
Firstly, you can easily erect scaffolding around the exterior of your home (or just to where you are working) allowing you to work seamlessly without having to descend the ladders to readjust at each step.
Scaffolding allows our team of experts to work together at height, safely, rather than working across two ladders, which would then both require a footer at the bottom.
Here in the UK, we have very unpredictable weather conditions. This makes working on ladders somewhat difficult in certain conditions. In wind and rain, working at height will be dangerous regardless. However, scaffolding in these conditions is much safer than ladders. It also allows for our team to be safety harnessed, allowing for increased safety in poor conditions.

As a whole, the use of scaffolding is not only significantly safer on the whole, but it also allows for much quicker working throughout the whole job. It may add time to set up and deconstruct the scaffolding, however, it greatly reduces the movement required throughout, meaning the whole job is much quicker.

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