Why Invest In A New Roof Before Autumn


We might currently be basking in the heat of the summer sun but now is the best time to start thinking about investing in your new roof before the autumn rain hits!

Tired Old Roof

For many of us, we never really consider investing in a new roof on our home. We may move house once or twice and it has never really been an issue. This is because high quality and well-fitted roofs usually last upwards of 30 years. And if you have a slate roof you might be looking more at 75 years upwards.
So have you actually taken the time to look at your roof properly? Or even called in an expert to have an in-depth look? You might be surprised to learn how much wear and tear your roof has gone through, and now is a good time to get it replaced before another harsh winter leaves you with a leaking roof or missing tiles.

Investing In A New Roof

The majority of the time, when our experts have inspected your roof they can recommend a number of smaller repairs that can help you to save great amounts of money rather than investing in a totally new roof. However, over time, the number of repairs you have to your roof can start to cause more issues than would be worth repairing. Or you may have an issue that would just be uneconomical to repair. This is when our team would look at advising you to replace the whole roof. We will also take into consideration the age of the roof, as older roofs may not be worth trying to repair if they will need replacing in the not so distant future anyway.

Why Is Summer Ideal?

While we know that no matter what time of year you invest in a new roof, we can at least expect the weather to be somewhat milder in the height of summer. When it comes to installing a whole new roof, we do our utmost to ensure that our team of experts shield your home from the elements. However, summer helps to reduce the risk of extreme weather.
Having a new roof installed also means that there will be a period of time where you have no suitable insulation on the roof of your house. This means that during the colder months when the heating is on, you will be heating the outside rather than trapping the heat in your home.

If you are considering investing in a new roof, please get in touch with a member of our expert team today who will be happy to assist you. Remember to check back to our blogs regularly for more information and the latest updates.