What are Fascias and Soffits?

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You might have never heard of fascias and soffits, and if you have heard of them you might not properly understand what they actually do, or why they’re so essential to your roof!

Fascias and soffits can be seen at the edge of your roof, the fascia sits below the roof overhang, and the soffit provides the underside of the fascia. So, the job of fascias and soffits is essentially to seal your wall and roof together.


Fascias are sometimes referred to as fascia boards. They run horizontally along the area where the roof meets the outer walls of the property, to support the roof guttering and protect fittings against the elements.
Without the protection that fascias provide from the elements, significant structural damage would quickly be done to the inner part of the roof. Additionally, fascias aid the guttering in carrying rainwater away from the outer walls of a property, in order to prevent damp from infiltrating.


Soffits are boards that connect to the underside of the fascia, to increase protection for the roofline against the elements.
Additionally, the majority of soffits also feature vents, this allows air to enter and ventilate the space below the roof, behind the fascia and above the soffit, and prevents damp from occurring in this area. This ventilation also helps to prevent a build-up of warm air during the summer months, which could result in the roof overheating.

The finishing touch for your roof

Good quality fascias and soffits will protect your roof from the elements, and help to prevent wildlife from entering your roof or loft space. The fascia also supports your guttering, and provides better points for your guttering to be attached securely, maximising its efficiency.

Fascias and soffits are extremely practical, but they also have aesthetic qualities too! They provide a cover-up for the underside of your roof, and can be provided in a wide variety of finishes to match the design of a property. So fascias and soffits can really act as a final touch to provide a clean, finished look to your home.

Fascias and soffits from East Midlands Roofing Solutions

We believe that roofs should be built to last from the rafters and the trusses, to the fascias, soffits and bargeboards. Consequently, we draw on our 20 years of experience, to offer the high quality workmanship for the installation of fascias and soffits.

We understand that you not only want to protect your home, but also ensure that it looks good! As such, we can offer a wide range of fascias and soffits to suit your home and budget.

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