The weather has damaged my gutter, what shall I do?


With heavy downpours, sleet and snow flurries, and strong winds, we all expect to find a little damage around our homes and gardens. Some of us have been lucky enough to just have a couple of damaged plants in the border, while others may have lost parts of their roof, whole fence panels have disappeared and there might even be a trampoline or two fence-hopping.

Damaged guttering

When we have bad weather, guttering can be prone to damage, especially in heavy rain and snow.
Pre-winter, we always recommend doing a quick gutter check, ensuring that all debris is cleared and that the guttering is secure (no loose brackets etc). However, we know that it can slip our minds, particularly if you are busy. If your gutters are full of debris, such as leaves and moss, you will find that they can’t drain as effectively as if they were completely clear. This can mean that the heavy rains will back up and sit for long periods in the gutter itself. Which can cause it to warp and crack, and ultimately either pull itself away from the wall, or develop a large irreparable crack.
Snow can, unfortunately, cause damage even to those clear gutters. Ensuring that your guttering is solid and firmly fixed to your building can help to reduce this risk. The weight of heavy snow can cause unexpected issues, if not at the time of the snow, it may have reduced the stability of the guttering. If and when it is safe to do so after heavy snow, check your guttering for damage.

Why is it so important to repair or replace guttering?

Guttering has been added to houses to help protect the structure of the house from further damage caused by the elements. Guttering collects the rainwater from your roof, and moves it away from your walls. Broken or missing guttering means that this water can trickle down your walls, and in the long run, lead to damp inside your walls.
Alongside the walls, this excess rainwater can lead to damage around the foundations around your home. To ensure that damage is avoided where possible, we recommend having your guttering repaired as soon as possible.

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