Ventilation And Breathable Membranes


When it comes to talking about new roofs, we understand that some experts can spurt out a range of jargon that can sometimes be a little confusing. We want to help you to understand a bit more about some of the aspects of a new roof, and why certain things are important or may be suggested to you. Here we are discussing ventilation and breathable membranes.

What Are Breathable Membranes?

The membrane that sits underneath the external layer on your roof (your tiles or slates etc) is in place to protect the interior of your home or loft space from any rain or moisture that penetrates the outer layer. This is typically a breathable membrane.
Breathable membranes are so named as they have been designed to allow your roof space to ventilate (or breathe). They are water-resistant to ensure that they keep moisture out, while allowing trapped vapour and condensation to escape.

Do I Need Extra Ventilation?

There is no one answer that suits all to this question. The idea of installing a breather membrane should in theory remove the requirement of added ventilation. However, this is not the case in every building. You will need to have your roof and loft space inspected by a professional who will be able to advise you whether additional ventilation is required.

How Do I Know What Is Necessary?

Knowing what is necessary as part of your new roof is difficult to state in one generic place. Each and every roof is different, even if only in subtle ways. This means that the necessary elements or work required can vary each time. For the best information ensure that you are using a reliable contractor, such as EMR Group when discussing or quoting on any work required. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience meaning that contributes to our great reputation, and we do our best to uphold this reputation.

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