Slate Roofing, Is It For You?


Slate roofs are once again increasing in popularity, this time around it’s for more than just one reason. It’s important to know why people are investing in slate roofs and whether they are the right choice for you and your property.

Why Are They Increasing In Popularity?

In 2020 and beyond people are more interesting in investing in environmentally friendly solutions when they are making changes or upgrades to their homes (and for most their cars). Slate is one of the only natural materials that is currently used in home roofing, making it the perfect choice for environmentally conscious homeowners.
Further to the environment, others are opting for slate due to its stunning natural beauty. Different slates from around the world offer different colours and hues, including Welsh slate, Canadian and Brazilian. Some are more difficult to source than others but can be worth it.

The Benefits Of Slate Roofing

There are a number of benefits to investing in slate roofing, here are just a few of the important ones to consider:
Visually Pleasing – As we mentioned before, slates are naturally stunning, and as the different colours offer different visuals they can appeal to a wider population.
Durable – Most roofing materials are susceptible to weather conditions, however, as slate is a naturally occurring material it does not weather in the same way. It is relatively unaffected by blazing sun, heavy rains, winds or even hail. As slate is a form of stone, it is also resistant to the effects of fire.
Long Life Span – Typical roofs, such as shingles, have an average lifespan of 20 to 30 years. However, slate tiles have a minimum expected lifespan of 40 years, with high-quality slate being known to last upwards of 75 years. So while it’s expensive initially, it can certainly be worth the investment.
Low Maintenance – Thanks to the increased durability of the material and its resistance to the elements, there is very little maintenance that could be needed in terms of repair and replacement. The structure of the slate also means that it is denser than alternatives making it impervious to mould and mildew.

Cons Of Slate Roofing

It wouldn’t be fair to only state the benefits of slate roofing. So, of course, we have to mention the cons.
Firstly, when you are considering slate roofing, you will need to have the structure of your existing roof inspected. This is due to the increased weight of the slate as this will need to be supported by the base roof structure.
The biggest con to investing in slate roofing is the cost of the roof. This is two-fold, firstly, the slate itself can be expensive, particularly if you have selected a slate that is somewhat difficult to source. Secondly, if you require work done to the structure to ensure it can withhold the weight of the slate, this will incur extra costs and can become extremely costly.

If you are interested in investing in a slate roof or would like to discuss your roofing options, please get in touch with a member of our team today who will be happy to assist you. Check back to our blogs for more information on roofing in Nottingham and the surrounding areas.