Roof Repairs Following Snow


Here in the UK, we are often surprised with the arrival of snow, particularly when it is heavier than average. This tends to mean that we have made no preparations for its arrival, which can include checking over the roof of either our homes or our businesses.

Unexpected snow

One of the many joys of British weather is that it can change in an instant, and we can’t always be prepared for the unexpected. But we can prepare our homes and businesses by ensuring that they are fully weatherproof before the snow hits. Whilst snow is only essentially frozen rain, its structure means that it can sit on our roof for long periods of time, and carries a significant amount of weight. Ensuring that your roof is structurally sound, particularly flat roofs, can help to reduce the impact that it can have.
Snow can also cause additional damage when it begins to thaw and enters small crevices and cracks, before refreezing. This refreeze can open these gaps up further and allow future rain and snow further in, causing damage and dampness.

Roofing repairs

Repairs to our roofs are significantly easier if we catch them early. So if you have any concerns about issues on your roof, get in touch sooner and we will be able to access the repair early. Whilst flat roofs are our speciality, we take pride in being able to repair the majority of roofing damage.
Whilst not all repairs are possible, our team of experienced roofing experts can assess the damage in a safe manner and give you an honest breakdown on how effective a repair would be over a complete new roof.

For more information about our roofing repairs or to schedule a visit, please call our team who will be happy to discuss this with you. Check out our page on guttering for more information on the importance of solid guttering.