Overlooked Commercial Roofing


For many commercial properties, there isn’t the worry that someone is overlooking your roof. This generally means that as long as the roof is supportive and weatherproof, you might not be too concerned about its appearance. But what happens when your building is surrounded by taller buildings that overlook your roof?

Are You Overlooked?

We have all been in high rise buildings or at least building that overlooks nearby roofs. And quite often those roofs will look a little worse for wear, even when they aren’t actually that old. Usually, this is because many organisations, including roofing specialists, will forget that taller buildings can see onto the roof.
When it comes to having a new roof installed on your property, take a look at the surrounding buildings and consider whether they are overlooking your building. This may alter the work you consider having done.

EMR Group

Here at EMR Group, we ensure that our work is as aesthetically pleasing as possible, even if you are not overlooked by other buildings. However, we can take extra consideration in ensuring that our clients that are overlooked, look just as good from above as the roof would from the ground.

Commercial Flat Roofing

Many commercial properties include a flat roof. As a standard, these are the most popular option due to the ability to expand over vast buildings. Here at EMR Group, we are specialists in flat roofing. Our wealth of experience and knowledge helps to ensure that not only will we be providing your business with high quality and secure roofing, but also an expertly finished roof. This means that lines will be straight, drainage will be expertly finished and seals will be neat.
With some flat roofs, businesses have access to the roof space, if this includes your business, why not consider having a roof that you can walk on, and potentially include a flower display.

Other Commercial Roofs

While the majority of commercial properties are flat roofs, some have a pitched roof. Generally, these are already designed to be a more attractive roof as they can be seen from the ground, just like a residential roof. This means that when your building has a new roof fitted, it will already have an improved appearance. However, opting for a more interesting style of tiles or roofing can also increase its appeal from above.

For more information on commercial roofing for your business property, please get in touch with a member of our expert team and we will be happy to discuss your needs and requirements. Check back to our blogs for a range of information across our services.