My Roof Looks Fine, But Is Leaking, What Could Be Wrong?


Here at EMR Group, we receive a number of calls with just that remark. My Roof Looks Fine, But Is Leaking. With so many different things that could be wrong, there is no sure-fire way for us to give an answer. The best possible way to diagnose the issue is to come and complete an inspection. However, in the meantime, there are several faults that could be to blame. So what might be causing your leak?

Most Common Issues

There are a number of issues that can cause a roof to leak. The first is an issue with tiles. This includes broken, cracked or even missing tiles, not to mention the ones that have simply shifted.
Tiles can be damaged in a number of ways, from falling debris caused by nearby trees, large birds and even extreme weather. Depending on the material quality and age under the tiles, the rain can penetrate through and cause your initial leak.
With moving tiles, we often see this when there is a large amount of moss on a roof. Growing moss is able to move tiles on even a well-built roof. However, please do not take this as an instruction to go and jetwash your moss away, or even take a broom to it, as this could cause more movement in the tiles.

Hidden Issues

Alongside the more common causes of leaks, there are also a number of more hidden issues that could be causing it to rain indoors.
The first issue is unfortunately a poorly built roof. This includes where nails and tacks have been incorrectly used and are penetrating the waterproof membrane or where the nail has not been fully knocked into place, which would seal the hole.
Cracked flashing is another issue that can be hidden. Flashing is installed in the joints to make them watertight, however, it can crack over time, causing leaks. These cracks can be small but perfectly positioned so that they are not always visible.

Hidden In Plain Sight

We then have the issues that our roofers in Nottingham see all too often. These are issues that are hidden in plain sight, also known as issues that many people overlook.
The first is debris that blocks your guttering. Water will follow the path of least resistance, which may be right under tiles or in the direction of fascias and guttering away from the debris.
Next up we have damage to the roof around a chimney. Particularly a common issue on flat roofs this is often when a seal or a panel around the chimney (or even a pipe) has perished. In many cases, it can go completely unnoticed and can be fairly small. However, the leak can be significant.

Roof Repairs

If you have discovered a leak, we recommend getting this inspected and repaired as soon as possible. Leaving a leak means that it can get significantly worse, and the damage more costly. So for peace of mind, consider calling in a roofing company to do your inspection and repair.

If you are looking for roof repairs in Nottingham, EMR group have comprised a team of specialist roofing contractors to help us offer our expert roofing services in Nottingham and the surrounding areas.
With expertise in all types of roofing across domestic and commercial and our high-quality customer service, our team are on hand to help get your roof sorted as quickly as possible. Contact us today to discuss your roof installation or repair.