Let’s Talk Asbestos Roofing Solutions


Since the 1980s we have all been made aware of the effects that asbestos can have on our health, particularly when it is regularly worked with. However, many homes and commercial properties in and around Nottingham will still have asbestos in and around them. So how safe is it and what do you need to know?

When Is Asbestos Safe?

Asbestos is generally considered to be safe when it is unperished and undisturbed. This means that there has been no damage to the asbestos and that there should be no reason for it to become damaged. This is due to the risk being when fibres are disturbed.
If you are currently living, or working, in a property with undisturbed asbestos you are considered to be safe.

Damaged Asbestos

If you have encountered damaged asbestos, or you have accidentally disturbed asbestos during some home DIY, it is important that you immediately stop all work in the area and call in the professionals. Unfortunately, many buildings that were built between 1870 and 1979 may have some form of asbestos within them, including asbestos that was used for insulation between 1950 and 1970. This means that your risk of encountering asbestos in your home is fairly high.
A home survey will typically inform you of any obvious or visible asbestos. However, there is still a chance of hidden asbestos that your survey may not have had access to. This means that if your home was built, or even renovated during this time, you will need to increase your precautions, and immediately halt any DIY should you fear that you have encountered asbestos.

Removing Asbestos

Asbestos removal should only be undertaken by trained professionals. This is due to the health implications that even one minor exposure can lead to.
Our professionals have the appropriate safety equipment. This includes a disposable respirator to standards EN149 (type FFP3) or EN1827 (type FMP3), a half-mask respirator (to standard EN140) with a P3 filter or a semi-disposable respirator (to EN405) with a P3 filter. Due to the nature of the work, our equipment is only safe for short periods of time, meaning our team will have to take regular breaks and swap masks regularly during larger jobs.
Asbestos cannot be disposed of at a standard landfill. We remove asbestos from the property into dedicated and specially created packaging, which is sealed before transit. This then has to be taken directly to a dedicated asbestos waste disposal plant in order for it to be processed and securely disposed of. Read our blog on asbestos removal for more information.

If you suspect that you have found asbestos in your property, please contact the team today to discuss having this safely removed from your property. We can also offer you advice on how to keep you and your loved ones safe until its removal as soon as possible.