Is Your Roof Winter Ready?

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When it comes to winter, the last thing we want to find is that we need a repair on our roof. There are a number of repairs that would have been significantly smaller, had we found them before the bad weather hits. So how do we know that our roof is winter ready?

Internal roof checks

When preparing your roof for winter, its not all about the view from outside. Doing an internal inspection to start with can give you an idea of some of the issues you might find on the outside.
Make sure you do your internal inspection during daylight hours, whilst this might sound odd, it allows you to see any external light that might be creeping in. These areas of light will mean that there is a gap in your roof, potentially missing/broken tiles that have then damaged the lining.
Whilst you are in your loft space, cast an eye over your insulation and/or boarding. You might spot areas that have been or are currently damp. This will tell you areas where there is a leak in your roof. It will also give you a chance to see if you need to replace/increase insulation to better retain heat in your home this winter.

Ground level roof checks

Ground level roof checks do not require you to climb any ladders, and doesn’t require a close up view of your roof. Ground level checks include a visual inspection of any missing or broken tiles that can be seen from the ground. If you have already done your internal check, this might give you a better idea of where to check.
Check the floor around your house for any signs of moss that may have been knocked down. This could mean that any gaps in your roof have been plugged with moss, meaning there is now a gap for the elements to break through. The damp in moss can also cause damage to your roof.

Close up roof checks

If you are of able body and feel safe in doing so, popping some ladders up the side of the house (providing you have someone to foot your ladder) and taking a closer look is always a good thing to do. This close up can help you to see any smaller cracks that may not be visible at ground level, or any gaps that you couldn’t see. You may also notice that a number of your tiles have started to deteriorate, these will need to be replaced sooner rather than later to avoid any further issues, which could become costly.
While you are on your ladders, it is a great time to check your guttering. Clogged guttering can cause a number of issues both at the base of your roof and in your drainage. It is important to clear these out regularly, especially coming up to winter.
If you are unable to get to the roof to do your own roof inspection, but believe there may be an issue, it could be worthwhile calling out a professional to take a closer look.

Winter roof preparation with East Midlands

Here at East Midlands Roofing Solutions we can address all concerns you might have regarding your roof this autumn. We can also do those vital inspections before we start any work, ensuring that you are getting the right work for your problem. For more information on our services or to discuss a job please contact a member of our expert team today.