Is My Roofing Repair An Emergency?


Roofs are our homes primary protection from the elements. They ensure that rain drains off and away from our homes, rather than straight onto our family and belongings and keeps the snow at bay. So when you notice a missing tile, or you find a leak coming through, when does it need a general repair, and when does it become an emergency?

When Do I Know It’s An Emergency?

The most common emergency is when there is a catastrophic leak in your roof. When the rain is pouring in through the loft or into an upstairs room. However, not all emergencies are quite so dramatic. So when is your roofing repair considered an emergency?
All leaks that are causing damage to the interior of your home is considered an emergency, especially if the forecast is poor. In the event of a leak, it is safer to contact a professional immediately. They will be able to discuss the extent of your leak to determine the severity.

Why Are All Leaks Emergencies?

All leaks are considered emergencies due to the further damage that they can cause to the internal structure of the roof. The internal structure is not designed to withstand the dampness that rainwater can induce, which can lead to future issues if not immediately resolved.

Will It Be A Full Roof Repair?

Emergency roof call outs are commonly temporary fixes. This is usually to ensure that your home is watertight to withstand the bad weather until a more appropriate time to complete the fix. This can sometimes be a safety concern.

Larger Emergencies

There are some quite considerable roof damages that can take place. These are often quite recognisable as an emergency. This can include trees falling in high wind (or in some cases, there is no wind). This is often an emergency, even when the tree hasn’t entirely broken through the roof, due to the risk of any falling debris (even if it’s a quick fix to ensure that there is no risk of falling).
Fire damage may also be considered a larger emergency, however, this will depend on the damage to the rest of the house as some cases may be uneconomical for a quick fix if the house interior is past saving.

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