Guttering Repairs from EMR Group


Guttering is a thin, narrow trough that runs around the edge of your roof, it’s used to collect water that runs off the roof, and direct this water away from the building.

Guttering is an extremely important element of a roofing system, without guttering your roof, and consequently, the rest of your property, would be left open to the untold damage that can be caused by standing water.

Modern guttering tends to be constructed from UPVC, and other types of plastic, making them durable and extremely effective. However, issues can still occur, and if left unchecked, damaged gutters can cause all sorts of problems for your home.
Damage to gutters tends to be caused by blockages, blockages will prevent water from moving properly through the guttering, and away from the house. Guttering isn’t designed to hold the weight of standing water, so as the water accumulates the guttering will become weakened, and eventually break completely.

Blockages in gutters will also force water out of the gutters and down the exterior walls of the property, which can lead to water damage and damp, and consequent health problems for residents of the property.

Guttering repairs

Because of the problems that blocked and damaged gutters can cause, it’s important to deal with any problems as swiftly as possible.

At EMR Group our expert team can help you to identify blockages or breakages in guttering and provide an effective, affordable solution to the problem- before it causes more damage.

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We have 20 years of experience installing roofs, including guttering, if your property requires any roof repairs, do not hesitate to get in touch with EMR Group for a no-obligation quote.