Guttering Ready For The Autumn


Guttering is an important feature of any house and has a number of great purposes. So ensuring that it is in its best condition ready for the winter ahead is important. Whether this just means a general clean or even a complete replacement.

Why Are Gutters Important?

The biggest reason that guttering on your home (or any other building for that matter) is to help prevent excess water from running down the side of your walls. Over time rainwater starts to wear away the bricks and mortar that your house is built with. The majority of this is protected by having guttering installed. Guttering works as a catchment system to stop the water draining from your roof straight down your walls, and filtering it through pipes to a drainage system at ground level. Some rainwater will obviously still hit the bricks directly, but guttering greatly reduces this.
The next reason to install guttering around your roof is to protect the ground immediately around your property. Over time rain draining off your roof will begin to cause significant erosion to the ground and around the damp proof course on your building.
A not so damaging, but perhaps equally as an important factor is that guttering helps to reduce the “curtain of rain flow” that you would receive when entering or leaving your property from the rain draining from the roof. We have all experienced this feeling at some point and would like to avoid it in our own homes.

Gutter Maintenance

As the end of summer rolls around it is a good time to undertake some general gutter maintenance. This could be as simple ad cleaning out all the debris from your gutters like leaves and moss that has collected. It could also include tightening brackets or replacing cracked brackets.
When checking your guttering over, ensure that each of your brackets is firmly attached as a heavy downpour or snowfall will increase the weight of the gutter ad potentially cause it to fail.

Replacing Your Guttering

Over time the uPVC used for most guttering systems will start to break down and become brittle. This means that it is no longer fit for purpose and will need replacing sooner rather than later.
Guttering can be replaced in stages as it starts to deteriorate. However, to ensure that your guttering provides the best protection for your home, we recommend replacing it altogether. Installing completely new guttering systems allows you to ensure that each element is of high quality and fitted in line with the rest of the guttering, reducing the risk of leaking or damage from ill-fitting sections.
Modern guttering is available in a range of colours, allowing you to opt for the right guttering for your home. Meaning no more awful home paint jobs as we have seen in the past.

If you are interested in replacing your guttering before the autumn or having it checked over by an expert, get in touch with a member of our team today who will be happy to discuss this with you. You can head over to our blogs for a range of information and for the latest updates.