Gable Roofing Nottingham


You may have heard the term Gable Roofing if you have searched for new roofing or roofing repairs for your property. Or even when you were purchasing your property. Here are a few of the key features of gable roofing and some of the common alternatives that are commonly seen here in the UK.

What Is Gable Roofing?

A Gable roof refers to a roof that has an A-frame on at least one side, rather than four sloping sides. This gable side is typically formed using the materials of the rest of the house, for example, the brickwork is continued to the point in the roof.
Usually, gable roofs have two gable sides and typically feature the slopes to the front and rear of the property. This is the most common style of roof found on residential properties in the UK as they can span across semi-detached and terraces houses.

Can I Replace A Section Of Gable Roofing?

Typically this question refers to replacing your roof if you are part of a semi-detached or terraced row of properties. In which case the answer is yes, you can. It is possible to simply replace the roof over your property without causing issues or damage to the attached properties. However, if there is an issue with the adjoining structure, such as water-damaged beams, you will need to discuss this with your neighbour as it will affect both roofs and can cause issues to continue for your property despite having a new roof yourself. This is unfortunately the downside to attached roofs.

What Are The Alternatives

Here in the UK, the most common alternative to a gable roof is the hip roof. These are typically found on detached properties as it involves all four sides of the roof sloping down to the sides of the house, although some builders will also use this style of roof on semi-detached homes for a touch of added style.
The Hip roof is commonly seen as the more attractive style of roof, however, the additional sloped ends mean that you do lose some of the loft space, so depending on how you will be using the space depends how much it will affect your preference. For example, if you are looking to convert the space into a bedroom, you may struggle without the gable ends.
The other main alternative in the UK is the flat roof. Typically we rarely see this used on residential properties, apart from on extensions and garages. However, this is the most common style of roofing on commercial properties and flats. The flat roof is easy to check and maintain, however, it does mean that there is no loft space in the property as there is no peak. It is also not considered to be the most attractive of roofing options.

There is an abundance of other styles of roofing that is available across the world, with many countries offering their own style entirely, of their own take on the gable and hip roofs. However, if your property is lucky enough to boast a unique roof that requires some work, please do not hesitate to get in touch as we cater for all styles of roofs and our team of highly qualified experts will ensure that your repair or replacement is of the highest standards.

For more information on roofing or repairs, please contact the team today who will be happy to assist you. You can regularly check back to our blogs for more information and the latest news.