Fascias, are they really that important?


To discuss the importance of facias, we must ensure that we know what facias are, and the impact that they have on your roof and home.

What Are Fascias?

Facias are the vertical boards that you can see under your roof. The horizontal boards that attach these back to the house are soffits.
Fascias are typically made of either wood or uPVC and are long boards that are attached directly to the roof trusses.

Why Are Fascias Important?

Fascias are an essential finishing structural piece on your roof. Their positioning helps to support the bottom level of tiles on the roof, along with the fixings for the guttering system. While the primary function is this support, it also helps to reduce the impact that the elements have on the underside of your roofing structure. Fascias, however, cannot do this alone and should typically be accompanied by soffits.
Further to the structural support, and protection from the elements, they also offer protection (again when used with soffits) to critters that would otherwise call the inside of your roof, home, such as birds and bugs.

Are Fascias And Soffits the Same?

While fascias and soffits do go hand in hand, they are not the same thing. The fascias are the vertical boards under the roof, while the soffits are the horizontal boards that connect the base of the fascia back to the side of the house.
Typically, they are made from the same material and match the fascias perfectly. They offer the completed protection from the elements and nesting critters, along with continued support for the fascias and the roof structure.

So, are fascias really that important? The answer is yes. While they not only help to improve the visual appearance of the underside of the roof, they also provide a level of protection that the roof alone cannot provide.
If you require further information on fascias and soffits or would like to discuss the replacement of them on your property, please contact the team today who will be happy to discuss this with you.