Do I Need To Check Guttering In Summer?


During the winter months, we often remind people to check their guttering. From being full of leaves to coming away from the wall the harsh winter weather really can take its toll. But how often do you consider your guttering in the warmer summer months? For most people, it won’t be checked again now until the start of winter or the arrival of heavy autumnal rains.

Why Do Summer Checks?

During the summer, our gutters take very little impact as the weather is usually much drier. So why do we need to complete summer gutter checks?
The safest time to be checking our gutter is when the weather is fine, this means that there is little to no wind, and the weather is clear and light (without being too bright preferably). This allows either yourself, or a professional to safely be at the top of a ladder having a good visual and practical check over the gutter.
During the summer, there should be very little to no debris in your gutter. This will allow you to see any signs of strains or stresses in the plastic, including the start of any cracks. While the plastic used for guttering is designed to withstand a significant amount of beating from mother nature, overtime it can take its toll and the plastic starts to break down.

Signs Of Damage

During your check, you might clearly see signs of damage, from smaller cracks to guttering actually coming away from the building. You might think that this can then wait until the start of autumn to get repaired. However, we live in the UK, and the weather can change at the drop of a hat and torrential downpours could be on the way. It is best to get your guttering inspected as soon as you spot the first signs of damage. You might have missed other areas of damage that could be worse in the long run.

Summer Cleaning

After a harsh winter, or a wet and windy spring, you might start to forget about everything that can collect in your gutter. The summer is the best time to look at getting all this cleaned out. From moss that has started to grow, leaves that have turned to mulch amongst other debris, it’s a great time to clean all this away in time for the next season to start.
When you are cleaning out your guttering (or if you bring someone in to clear it out) it gives you a good opportunity to not only check over your guttering but also your roof. Signs of debris in your guttering could mean that something is not quite right on your roof, so gives you a good idea that this too needs checking over.

Fascias And Soffits

Alongside your guttering, summer gives you a good opportunity to clean and check over your soffits and fascias. These are designed to keep the interior of your roof nice and dry, they also allow your gutters to do their job. So keeping them in good condition is important. Check out our Fascias and soffits page for more information.

For more information on your guttering, or if you are unsure about something, please contact a member of our expert team today who will be happy to assist you. You can also check back to our latest news for more information on the services that we offer, or any checks we advise you to make.