Complete Roofing Replacement, What To Expect – Commercial Roofing


When it comes to a complete roof replacement on a commercial property, we understand the importance of getting the project completed as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption. However, a complete replacement is a big job to undertake. So here’s what to expect.

Time Frames

There are many different types of commercial roofing available, from flat roofing to pitched roofing, and even asbestos roofing. We then have the numerous sizes of commercial roofing around Nottingham.
Considering each of these things, we cannot give an open-ended time frame to expect your commercial roofing replacement to be completed. However, when the experts at EMR Group undertake their initial assessment of the roof, there will be an in-depth plan for the replacement, which will allow for the work to be completed in a timely manner.


While both ourselves and your business would appreciate no delays, in a realistic world we have to prepare for them in any event. This might be that we overestimate the time frame to complete the project, or that we have to change the start date of the installation. There are a few reasons why delays may happen:
Adverse Weather – unfortunately here in the UK we can never guarantee the weather forecast, which means that unexpected adverse weather can halt work. High winds, extreme rains and even snow can all lead to the project being paused until the weather has passed. This is for both the safety of the team and to allow us to effectively cover the roof to reduce any potential damage to the interior of the property.
Unexpected Complexity – While our initial inspection should be sufficient in uncovering any issues that will appear throughout the project, due to the structure of many commercial roofs, there is the possibility that once the layers are starting to be removed, further issues can be uncovered. The most common being damage to the structure of the roof.


The most important information to many businesses is the level of disruption to expect. Unfortunately, disruption is inevitable when there is a complete replacement taking place. We aim to work closely with you to keep this to a minimum where possible, however, the structure of the building and roof will determine how much disruption there truly will be.
For some commercial roofs, they are similar to domestic roofs, where other than clearing the attic space, people can still enter and use the building. This means that the building can still operate, albeit with precautions in place, and a little noisier than usual.
However, other structures that have open roofing, such as factories, would be required to be closed for the duration of the work in order to meet health and safety requirements.
The potential disruption will be discussed during the initial inspection based on an individual analysis of the site. This will take into consideration the potential harm should people still be in the building along with any noise and mess issues that may arise throughout the project.

Ultimately, as every commercial property is different, we recommend speaking to us directly to understand what to expect. This allows us to give you a tailored breakdown of what will happen during the process, the time frames for each stage and the implications that they may have on the day to day running of your business. Our expert team of roofers in Derbyshire will be happy to answer any questions and concerns you may have.