Complete Domestic Roof Replacement, What To Expect


When it comes to having a new roof installed on your home, there might be a number of questions that you have about what to expect for the process. As we get asked a selection of questions regularly, we have compiled them all together to help you better understand what to expect. Of course, if you are still unsure, or you would like to discuss anything further, our helpful team are on hand to discuss this with you.

How Long Will A Complete Roof Installation Take?

There are a number of factors that can alter the answer to this question. The most obvious is the size of the roof that is being installed. A larger roof will take much longer to install.
A roof where we encounter unexpected issues (such as rot within the structure) will also increase the time that the installation will take.
The time of installation for an average size semi-detached roof in the UK, without issue is 3 days. However, we state that we can take up to 5 days as we would rather take time on a quality installation.
For your specific project, please speak to the team who will be able to give you a more accurate guideline based on the work and size that is required for your property.

What Unexpected Issues Might Be Encountered?

While there is a whole raft of issues that we can encounter when we are working on a roof, the main one to consider is the quality of the structure underneath the roof. If the roof has been damaged, or the underneath structure has been exposed to the elements, there could be signs of deterioration. While a new roof will once again protect this from the elements, there is the potential that the damage has been done to the structure, and therefore a new roof would be putting a bandaid on it until it becomes a bigger issue. Our team of roofing specialists have decades of experience in noticing any issues and will report them as soon as possible.
If the issue is one that needs addressing urgently, we will discuss any work that is required as this may include an additional cost, and prolong the planned work.
There may also be much smaller issues, such as wasp infestations or alike. This can possibly mean that we need to call out an exterminator to remove them and assess any damage the nest has caused.

What Disruption Will There Be?

We appreciate that such work is likely to cause significant interruption to those still in the house, and the neighbouring houses. We aim to keep this to a minimum. Unfortunately, the nature of the job does mean that there will be increased noise. There will also be scaffolding around the property, which may limit access.
There will also be a level of waste, however, this will be tidied at the end of each day, and removed entirely once the installation is complete.
We will need to enter your loft space, this means that any property that is in this space ideally needs to be removed to prevent damage, or covered.

What Access Is Required?

Access will be required on as many sides of the roof as possible, where scaffolding can be erected. This scaffolding needs to be a minimum of 800 millimetres wide to allow us to store materials on the scaffolding (for just work this only requires 600 millimetres). This may require access to the neighbours property, could there be insufficient space on your property.
Our team will come out to inspect the access in advance of us attending to complete the installation. During this inspection, we can discuss and address any accessibility issues. If you are still unsure after this visit, please contact the team who will be happy to discuss this based on your project.

What Happens If There Are Issues After Installation?

After the installation of your roof, there is unlikely to be any issues as we complete a quality check before we leave the site. However, we do appreciate that with human error, there can still be issues, particularly if there has been any adverse weather at the time of installation.
Should it be the case that there are any issues following the installation, we ask that you get straight back in touch with us so we can revisit and rectify. Any issues that arise should be minimal and take little time to rectify.

If you have any further concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the team today who will be happy to discuss these with you.