Can I Complete A Roof Repair Myself?


If you have noticed that the tiles on your roof are cracked or have moved, maybe you have been into your loft space and have noticed that you are able to see daylight poking through where it shouldn’t, meaning it’s time for a roof repair. So should you be undertaking these repairs yourself?

Can I Complete My Own Roof Repair?

In short, the answer is yes you can. However, it would be advised that you do not attempt to climb onto your own roof to undertake any repairs, and that you call in the professionals who will be able to carry out any necessary repairs both effectively and safely.
There are a number of health and safety risks involved with carrying out a roof repair. From falling from height, to damaging the remaining roof, or even breaking through the roof. Professional teams have a wealth of knowledge and experience in undertaking work at height and how to not damage a roof further. Not to mention they are covered by insurance should any issues or accidents happen.

Small Roof Repairs

We appreciate that if you find a small issue with your roof, it might be tempting to attempt the fix yourself in order to save some money. However, there is a high risk involved with getting up so high on the roof. This means that the small repair, could turn into a bigger issue, should anything happen.

Cheap Roof Repairs

In 2022, we know that many people are looking to have repairs done as cheap as possible. And this includes doing many things for yourself. Including roof repairs. However, cheap repair options may not be worth the risk. For example, you have a flat roof with a tear in the felt, it seems like a small and easy fix to buy a patch kit, with sealant. However, if there is already moisture inside, you are trapping this in. And many of the commercially available sealants will not offer a secure enough repair to remove the risk of further damage and future repairs.

Expert Perspective

From the ground, or even closer up, it could appear to be a small and simple repair. Something as simple as replacing a tile. However, it is important to note the damaged or missing tile may actually have had an impact on the surrounding tiles, structure or waterproof membrane. If the membrane underneath is damaged, this will also require a repair, however, damage may not be noticeable until an expert inspection. Likewise, a small tear in the waterproof membrane may appear to be insignificant, however, over time this can lead to significant damage to the wooden structure underneath. While will require an expert inspection to confirm its integrity.

Ultimately, the decision to undertake a roof repair yourself is a personal decision. Here at EMR Group we strongly discourage home repairs, as these can lead to further, and more expensive issues down the line. Calling in the professionals for the initial repair can allow you to have a small repair that will last for many years, alongside an inspection to assess any further damage.
If you are unsure, contact our experts today