Area’s Covered By EMR Group


Here at EMR Group, we are well-known for our high-quality roofing services across the East Midlands. Amongst our main service areas, we also offer roof installation and repairs to the surrounding areas. Our main service areas include:


In the heart of East Midlands is Nottinghamshire, where EMR Group are based. Throughout the county, excellent examples of the work that our team have completed can be found. From a typical tiled roof on a semi-detached house to large scale commercial flat roofing, and even period property roofing repairs.
If you are looking for roof repairs in Nottingham, EMR Group have an excellent reputation for high-quality work at reasonable prices.


For roofers in Derbyshire, EMR Group have over 20 years of experience across both domestic and commercial roofing. This experience allows us to undertake jobs of any size, from a small garage in a sleepy village, to larger industrial flat roofing in the heart of Derby.


The large market town of Chesterfield is home to a number of period buildings, including churches, homes and businesses. Many of these will typically look for minor roofing repairs to help maintain the appearance of the building. However, these may not always be the most appropriate for your building.
EMR Group uses their wealth of knowledge to ensure that each and every repair that we undertake is the most appropriate. Where period properties are involved, we do our utmost to find the appropriate matching materials to ensure the repair, while effective, is also in keeping with the style.

If you are interested in quality roofing, or roof repairs in Nottingham, Derbyshire, Chesterfield, or the rest of East Midlands and the surrounding areas, please contact a member of our expert team today who will be happy to assist you.