How To Identify Potential Roof Repairs


Here at East Midlands Roofing Solutions, we understand how important it is to identify the need for roof repairs early. Through completing a quick and regular inspection, you’ll avoid any unnecessary damage to your roof, valuable assets and most importantly, your occupants. Follow our latest blog to discover ways to check your roof for potential issues.

Assess the Attic

With your attic being the closest room to the roof, it’s always a good place to start. Check for any signs of damp, gaps letting light through from outside or obvious leaks. If possible, it’s also important to check on the efficiency of your insulation to make sure that it’s still intact. Having an energy efficient roof can save you a lot of money on your energy bills. If you do consider a replacement, our guide on warm flat roofing could be helpful.

Check For Changes

The second port of call in your inspection should be to go outside and have a look at the appearance of your roof. If your roof has shingles, focus on making sure that they’re intact and the same shape. Depending on the material that they’re made from, soffits and fascias can often decay or stain so it’s important to check on their health.

Whilst checking on the soffits and fascias, you may also want to inspect your gutters. Before doing this, make sure that you have a suitable ladder that can handle your weight, reach the gutters and stay still. Again, depending on the material, check for any signs of decay, rust or damage. If possible, make sure that they’re not clogging too. Your gutters perform a vital job in dispersing rainwater and reducing the weight on your roof.

Flat roofs can be a little more tricky to inspect from outdoors and it’s important that you stay safe. As specialists in flat roofs, we can carry out a full inspection for you and offer solutions and quotes to any problems found.

Unsure? Call a Professional

When inspecting your roof, it’s important that you don’t put yourself in any compromising or dangerous situations. Do the small checks that you’re capable of and if you have reason to believe that there may be a problem that you can’t get to, contact a professional.

Here at East Midlands Roofing Solutions, we’re able to carry out full inspections on your roof to make sure that you have no need to worry this Winter. Whether it’s small repairs or a full scale replacement, our 20 years of experience in roofing has prepared us well for any project. If you would like to discuss any concerns that you may have, get in touch. Our team of expert roofers will be happy to help with any projects across Nottingham and the East Midlands.