Your Guide to Cleaning Guttering

Guttering plays a crucial role in redirecting rainwater from the roof to your drainage system helping to minimise unnecessary weight on the roof which could affect its integrity and longevity.

The gutter system also stops water puddles from building up on your roof which leads to rust, corrosion, warping and rot. Like many other parts of your roof, the gutter needs proper maintenance. This is what East Midlands Roofing Solutions will be focusing on in this post and provide some handy tips to help you.

Safety on Ladders

Before you start cleaning the gutter you will need to make sure you have a proper ladder that will not wobble during use and be firm. It should also be able to easily handle your weight. The length of your ladder will be dictated by the property design, as a storeyed building needs a longer ladder than a single storey property. We would advise having someone holding it whilst you work on it as this improves its stability. A top quality ladder will have a slot for holding a bucket or a brush which will save you from having to keep going up and down constantly.

Using a Garden Scoop

Firstly you will need to make sure your scoop won’t scratch the gutter, as they could later develop into crevices and cracks that allow water to get through. This could also chip the protective layer on metal gutters which encourages rust and corrosion. Your garden scoop should fit nicely inside the gutter with a curved design for maximum performance. Ensure it feels right in your hand and is also ergonomic for increased comfort.

Garden Hose Use

A garden hose will help to get rid of dust and other debris, just make sure you choose one with a proper length for easy reach. It should also handle water pressure whilst giving you easy control; with the best options coming with a spray nozzle which delivers high pressure while using little amounts of water. Your hose should also feature a piston-grip hand trigger for releasing and stopping the water flow.

Protective Eye Wear

Goggles or eyeglasses are needed for cleaning gutter as they stop dirt, dust, insects, fluids and other things getting into your eyes. Gutters could also harbour wasps, bees, rats and other creatures, so protective eyewear will prevent any surprises getting near your eyes.

Appropriate Footwear

You will need to wear proper shoes for cleaning your gutters. Firm footing will prevent slippage and help you stay comfortable in any weather. Rubber shoes are known for the grip they provide plus they are less likely to slip.

Unclogging Downspouts

Don’t forget to clean the downspouts whilst cleaning your gutters. Remember a clogged downspout will hinder the flow of rainwater. Pouring water through the pipe will let you know if there is a clog or not.

Talk to the Guttering Specialists

The advice listed above will help prevent blockage or poor flow of rainwater and will also expand the lifespan of your guttering. While maintaining your gutter seems easy, if you do not clean them properly it could lead to irreparable damage.

If you have decided that your gutters have seen better days, contact East Midlands Roofing Solutions for a no-obligation quote for guttering and roofing systems.