Flat Roofing, What Do You Need To Know

GRP Flat Roofs

If you have just purchased a residency or business with a flat roof, or you are looking at styles of roof for your new extension or garage, we have pulled together some of the information that you may be interested in knowing.

Interesting Facts About Flat Roofs

While you may think that flat roofs are exactly what they say they are, there are a number of facts that you may want to know about them.
They aren’t flat – flat roofs actually have an angle to them. This is in place to help the rain drain off rather than pooling on the roof.
They help to keep the interior cooler – The materials that are used help to reduce the impact that the suns UV rays has on the interior of the home, thus making it a cooler space.
They are energy efficient – the materials used are good insulators. This means that during the summer it deflects the heat, meaning less aircon or fans, and in the winter it helps to store the heat, requiring less insulation.
They make great gardens – proving you speak with your roofing installer to make appropriate adjustments, your flat roof can make for a great garden. This can help to encourage green spaces and

Maintaining Your Flat Roof

Maintaining your flat roof is key to ensuring it has a long life and minimising the risk of requiring any repairs in the early years of its life. Here are a few ways you can maintain your roof.
Regular checks – More often than not, roofs are something that many people neglect to inspect. This applies to both homes and businesses. You can either complete regular checks yourself (just get in touch if you are unsure of anything) or you can call in a professional.
Keep it clear – flat roofs are more likely to collect debris than other styles of roofing. Debris on your roof could lead to a number of issues including potential damage. However, being flat also makes them easier to keep clear as you can simply sweep away debris (please ensure that there is no one below if you sweep it off the roof.
Trim back trees – If you have trees that overhang your roof, trimming these back helps to reduce the risk of debris falling onto your roof. It will also reduce the risk of branches breaking and tearing your felt.

For more information on flat roofing please contact the team at East Midlands Roofing Solutions who will be happy to assist you. Check back to our blogs regularly for information on our services.