How Down Pipes Become Blocked?

down pipes

The reason down pipes usually become blocked is by a build-up of leaves and debris from your roof and gutter and overhanging trees which fall down the pipe and build up over time which blocks the natural flow of water.

There are a number of things you can do to prevent this, which we will discuss during this blog.

Prevention is best practice here, as getting your gutters cleared out on a regular basis will mostly prevent the down pipe from blocking, to begin with.

Tips to Keep Down Pipes Unblocked

Putting a balloon guard inside the neck of the down pipe will prevent leaves and twigs getting into your down pipe plus this is a cost-effective method. Just make sure that it is not too small and slides down the down pipe which causes a blockage.

Once the blockage is in the down pipe it becomes a bigger job to treat, making prevention the best way to approach the blocked pipe.

Treating a blocked down pipe ultimately depends where the blockage is located, how long your pipe is and if there are any access points within the pipe.

For example, if you live in a home, then your down pipe can usually be unblocked using a combination of a flexible drain cleaning rod to dislodge plus a very powerful jet washer to blast water through the wipe. This will force the built-up debris plus any plant growth to be expelled through the bottom.

If you are living in a high-rise flat, sometimes the down pipe is quite long; especially in Victorian tenement blocks.

Modern pipe fittings will usually have access points, whereas old Victorian pipes are often solid pipe connections back to back. If you are fortunate enough to have the blocked down pipe at the top or bottom, a cleaning rod or pressure washer could be long enough to reach in. If the block is located in the middle and isn’t being moved with these methods, the pipe may need cutting and re-attaching once the block has been removed. Please note though, this is an absolute last resort.

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